How to Divide by Zero

Dividing by zero is going to be hard. See the link we're going to start off with right here . Now in there, they mentioned Wheel Theory. But I don't know Wheel Theory, so we'll stick to the other stuff. They said that anything divided by zero is Unsigned Infinity (I don't have the symbol for it on my keyboard). But they ended up saying that 0=1=2=3.... which is NOT true. So perhaps 2/0 is not 1/0; but then, how do we know what a number is divided by 0? Hmm... Let's try thinking about why the square root (I don't have the symbol for it on my keyboard either) of -1 is I.

Luckily, I have an explanation! So, let's take the square root of 9. Easy, right? The answer is + or - (I don't have the symbol for it on my keyboard either) 3. But why? Well, If we were to look at a number line, we would see that 9 is 0 degrees away from 9. And that makes sense. It makes sense because they are the same number. Ok. What is the absolute value of (I don't have the symbol for it on my keyboard either) what would we would usually call the square root of 9? It's 3. Now 0/2 = 0. And 0 degrees away from 3 is obviously 3. And the -3 is there because if we did the same thing but 9 is 360 degrees away from 9, then we get -3. Now if we did the same thing we did to 9 to -1, we get + or - I. And there is 2i and 3i.

Notice how there is a consonant and then a symbol? That could be the format of our answer to division by 0! Let's have the consonant be the dividend and let's make up a symbol named "Zetra" and make that our symbol. Now that's how you divide by zero. If you check for any errors, you will see that there is none. But that's just a symbol, not a value. So, what's the value? Now, go  here again to the beginning. We can't divide ten apples into 0 groups! But instead, let's think about what values contain 0 groups. Well, there is only one value, 0. 0 has no groups. So no Zetra, but it turns out division has the zero property. What that means is that (any number) / 0 = 0.