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My name is Adam Yamnitsky.
I love STEM - especially Math and Programming. 
Here are my stories for you to read and coding projects to explore.
Reach out if you have questions or want to share your stories!

Coding Projects | Stories | Contact

Coding Projects

I enjoy coding in Python, Hopscotch, and developing apps in Unity. Here are some of my recent projects


This is a Python app that generates a Sudoku puzzle and presents it in a window using a TKinter package

See on GitHub


This is a Python app that grabs word definitions via a public API and presents them in a window using TKinter package.

See on GitHub

Slippery Slope

This is a Hopscotch app where you neeed to avoid the tree as you sled.


Route Planner

Use Google Maps API to plot a route between two points

check it out